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June 13, 2008

The Tenth Dimension

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From: Imagining the Tenth Dimension by Rob Bryaton

Although this view of ten dimensions is not the like the 10-(or even 26-)dimensional spacetime is viewed in string theory, this video nicely shows the concept of higher-dimensionality, understandable to even the non-scientifically inclined.

Speaking of the still not proven string theory, the space probe Planck, due to launch in October this year, might even see a shadow of extra dimensions.

June 8, 2008

The Sounds of Colour

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A440 is the 440 Hz tone that serves as the standard for musical pitch. A440 is the musical note A above middle C (A4).

Every time you double the frequency, the pitch goes one octave up. Starting from the note A at 440Hz, doubling the frequency six times, you hear five different As until the sound becomes ultrasonic and inaudible. Another 36 octaves up and the frequency is the same as that of visible light, in our case from A440 you get a frequency of 484THz, which is a wavelength of 619nm, which is red.

The frequency spectrum of visible light is a bit less than one octave. This can actually be seen, in that on one end of the spectrum is red and the other end is moving back from blue to red, giving violet.

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